How to safe fence from the dampness when so much rain

If you have a wooden fence, you know the struggle of maintaining it. With so much exposure to weather and temperatures, your fence has to sustain a lot of factors that can weaken its integrity. When you have excess rain bogging it down, you must ensure that the fence does not fall prey to dampness. With moisture, a lot of rot and mould will set in. So you need to follow these tips to stay ahead of the harsh weather.

1. Protect with paint
We all understand the Benefits of a fence. But those benefits are of no use to us if we do not protect it with paint coating. Once it rains, the wood can get wet and weak. A paint coat will protect it through the rough patch and safeguard it from rot. You can also apply a primer and then apply paint coats to it.

2. Cut away vegetation growth
Check for any weed or overgrown plants near the fence. These overgrown bushes and shrubs tend to weaken the structural integrity and can damage fence in storm. So make sure you have removed the overgrowth to let your fence withstand harsh weather.

3. Lay a tarp
Securing a tarp over the fence can help with keeping it safe. When the storm hits, make sure you have secured the tarp firmly on the ground. Once the storm passes, just remove the debris on the tarp with no harm to your fence.

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