How roof damage can be identified by homeowners?

Roof damage can cause a number of serious issues to your home which includes mold, water damage, wildlife infestation to name a few.

In addition, if the damage is a lot more advanced, then it can cost you thousands of dollars for repairing.

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Further, here are the warning signs that will help to identify the roof damage.

Let us have a look:-

  • Shingle damage

Damaged or missing shingles are one of the signs of roof damage. It is seen that over a period of time is can wear down.

Other than this, it also loses resistance towards external conditions.

Another leading cause behind shingle damage is high winds.

So, if your shingles are not installed in the right way, then your roof can become a lot more susceptible to damage.

Thus, fix missing or loose shingles once you spot them.

  • Water leaks & stains

Have you spotted leaks or water strains in the ceiling? If, yes, then these problems are likely a result of roof leaks.

Leaks are more common during the wintertime when snow gets accumulated on the roof.

Other than this, leaks suggests that there exist problem in the roof through which air & water seeps in.

So, you can check out for any kind of frosted nails that might be present in the holes & attic.

In this way, you can determine that there is a leak in the roof.

  • Poor ventilation

If your energy bills are more than usual, than it is likely that your roof might be damaged.

It is also seen that trapped air present in the attic can lead to buildup of moisture.

Hence, you should check out for condensation, mold growth, and damaged insulation.

Also, fungi & Mold growth can cause dirty spots to get accumulated on the roof.

Other than this, your roof would start showing the signs of rust.

  • Tree branches

During the time of high winds, you will a number of tree branches on the roof.

So, if a roof is installed in a right way, then it can easily handle small branches.

But, you still you need to look at the trees that are present in your yard.

Also, if the tree branches are close to your roof, then you should cut them immediately.

  • Moss spores

The area of the roof that is not exposed to sun can develop moss spores pocket.

While moss can be harmless, but it can still disrupt the matting between the shingles.

So, when such a problem occurs, then your home becomes a lot susceptible to damaged shingles, leaks and wood rot.

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